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Translation is the process of transferring the meaning in the source language into the target language. The skills required for this are a feel for the complexities of ever-changing languages and regard for nuances in meaning as well as consideration for the wishes of the end user.


In order to provide the highest quality of translation services to our clients, we have developed a translation process that is fully compliant with the European Standard for Quality of Translation Services EN 15038.

We ensure quality of translations by assigning it to the best qualified team based on the type of project. A team consists of a project manager, a translator with expertise in the area of the text, a reviser, a reviewer  and a proofreader.

Superior Service

Our goal in every project is to provide an excellent translation, consistency of terminology used and fast turnaround.

We make sure to listen carefully to the wishes and needs of our clients. We believe that the best translations come from a good fundamental understanding of the client and their work.

Along with quality meeting the highest European standards, we can guarantee our clients a firm commitment to our deadlines.

Translated and edited texts are delivered to the client in the pre-agreed format.


All texts from clients are treated as confidential in line with the highest standards of quality and ethics.

About the Translators

Language Experts works with experienced professionals in translation: university-educated linguists, native speakers and university-educated translators ensure translations are of the highest quality. We understand that specialisation counts in translation, with mastery of specialist terminology being a key component of a good translation. Our translators regularly consult with experts from a variety of fields (university professors, jurists, lawyers, auditors, creative directors, pharmacists, doctors, engineers, etc.) for specialist and technical texts.

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