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The translation process at Language Experts is fully compliant with the European Quality Standard for Translation Services EN 15038. Every translation involves at least three people: the translator, who renders the text into his native language; a reviser who compares the language of the source and target texts for terminology consistency and recommends any necessary corrections of register and style. The third member of the team is the project manager, who coordinates and supervises the translation process through all the phases and carries out final quality verification before the translation is sent to the client.

Translation services follow the process below:

  • Translation and checking
  • Revision
  • Review
  • Proofreading
  • Final verification


We manage translation projects by:

  • Monitoring and supervising the preparation process
  • Assigning translators and revisers and, if applicable, reviewers, for the project
  • Issuing instructions to all parties involved in the project
  • Enabling and monitoring consistency in translation
  • Monitoring and supervising the process timetable
  • Ensuring good flow of communication with all participants in the process
  • Giving clearance for delivery

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