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Language editing consists of the final check of the language of a text. The language editor corrects spelling and grammatical errors and carries out a review of the text for suitability of language and style used as well as consistency.

Language editing consists of:

  • grammar corrections – a syntax, spelling, punctuation,
  • style corrections
  • final editing – the final checks and corrections prior to publishing.

Language editing is used for the following purposes:

  • Adapting text to the target language – good translation and localisation does not merely amount to transforming the text into the target language; it includes a careful adaptation of the content to the locale of the target market with respect to the specific rules of the language, style, technical standards, terminological consistency, requirements and expectations.
  • Checking your existing translations - if you already have a translated text and would like to make sure it is accurate and natural sounding in the target language, our language editors, who are native speakers, will check it for you.

Language editors check the text for correct use of grammar, specialist terminology, and accuracy of translation.

Language editors

Language Experts relies on experienced specialists for language editing services: university-educated linguists and native speakers of foreign languages ensure a professional look and feel for your text. Just as with translation, specialist expertise is important also in language editing. Our language editors are specialised in specific fields and regularly work with experts, ensuring the right terminology in your translations.

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