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LANGUAGE EXPERTS works with translation professionals meeting the following requirements regarding experience and qualification who are contracted in a transparent selection process.

We require the following competences from our TRANSLATORS / REVISERS / REVIEWERS / PROOFREADERS / LANGUAGE EDITORS:

1. TRANSLATING COMPETENCE: An ability to translate complex texts, assess the problems related to comprehending the text and rendering the translation, and the ability to produce the target text in accordance with the requirements of the client as well as an ability to back up their work.

2. LINGUISTIC and TEXTUAL COMPETENCE in the source and target languages: Translators must show a strong understanding of the source language and mastery of the target language, knowledge of the text type conventions for standard-language and specialised texts and the ability to apply this knowledge in translation.

3. RESEARCH COMPETENCE, INFORMATION ACQUISITION AND PROCESSING: The ability to efficiently acquire the additional linguistic and specialist knowledge necessary to understand the source text and to produce the target text, experience in the use of research tools, and the ability to develop suitable strategies for the effective use of the information sources available.

4. CULTURAL COMPETENCE: The ability to make use of information on the locale, behavioural standards and value systems that characterise the source and target cultures.

5. TECHNICAL COMPETENCE: Possessing the required translation tools, hardware and software, to produce the translation, in addition to proper handling, saving, archiving and removal of documents and data, access to key sources of information.

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LANGUAGE EXPERTS is seeking experienced, highly-qualified professional translators, revisers, reviewers, proofreaders, language editorsand graphic designers.

We strive to provide top quality services, which is why we have set the bar high. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their expertise for a given combination of languages and/or a specialist field of translation.

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