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Certified translations are provided for clients requiring translation of official documents.

Language Experts provides certified translations as one of our specialist services. These translations are prepared by specially qualified sworn translators / court interpreters, who have been appointed by the Justice Minister and are authorised to translate official and other documents.

Certified translation includes the translation and the certification.

A certified translation is provided by a sworn translator appointed by the decree of Ministry of Justice, who certifies the conformity of the translation with the original by affixing his/her seal and signature. A certified translation must be accompanied by an original source text and a statement on the accuracy and trueness of the translation signed and sealed by the sworn translator. All the documents are hole-punched and bound by Slovenian national string.

We provide certified translations for:

  • copies of the company register
  • passports
  • declarations
  • police clearance certificates
  • birth certificates
  • contracts
  • degrees
  • annual reports
  • report cards
  • miscellaneous statements
  • balance sheets
  • business documents
  • profit and loss statements
  • all other official documents

Special benefits

We provide extremely favourable terms for certified translations from Slovenian to Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and vice versa.

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